LeBron Joins Son's AAU Layup Line To Throw In Some Show-Stopping Dunks

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HBO is set to air LeBron James’s ballyhooed unscripted show The Shop next month. A preview released this week showed, among other things, LeBron telling a group of famous friends that he regrets giving his eldest son, LeBron James Jr., his name, out of concern that carrying his famous father’s name would put undue pressure on a kid trying to make his own way in the world.

Keep that in mind while you watch this next video, of LeBron James throwing down mighty dunk-contest jams in the layup line of his son’s AAU basketball game this weekend. No pressure, son!


Hard to blame LeBron for this. Dunking is cool as shit. If I could dunk a basketball, I would do nothing but dunk basketballs all the time. No child, no matter how sweet and vulnerable and of my own blood, could prevent me from hammering home thunderous jams every time I got around a basket. Outta the way, son, there’s a dunk to be dunked.

LeBron opened a new school for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, this weekend, providing students access to a free tuition pipeline to the University of Akron. And he threw in some sick mega-jams in a packed gym full of admiring spectators. Big weekend.