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LeBron Loses Triple-Double After Being Mistaken For Tristan Thompson

LeBron James thought he had himself a 32-10-12 triple-double in last night's win against the Pelicans, but he did not! As it turns out, he was credited with an assist that he didn't deserve because the official scorer fucked up.

In the play above, you can see LeBron tip a defensive rebound toward Tristan Thompson, who grabs it and then hits Kyrie Irving with an outlet pass that led to a layup. The official scorer, who was either not paying very much attention to the game or was unable to tell Thompson and James apart, gave LeBron an assist on that play. Scorers are usually allowed quite a bit of leeway when it comes to dishing out stats, but this misstep was too egregious to ignore, and so the NBA has retroactively stripped James of his triple-double.

LeBron shouldn't be too broken up about this, though. He's used to this sort of thing.

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