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LeBronWatch: Not Philly, No, Never Philly

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Welcome back to LeBronWatch, the one and only Watch of LeBron James. LeBron’s going to be a free agent, and he’s going to the Lakers with Kevin Durant, and to the Knicks with Paul George, and also back to the Cavs with Kawhi Leonard, but one thing’s for sure, he’s definitely narrowed it down to L.A., Cleveland, and Philadelphia.

Except ... not Philadelphia.

Brian Windhorst (Windy to his friends) called into ESPN this morning with the latest updates on his own lebronwatch (all lower case because it’s a pale imitation of the LeBronWatch you know and love). He said a lot of things. Here’s one of them:

“I think [the 76ers] are viable, but I would have to hear from Joel Embiid, if I were LeBron James. Because I don’t see the basketball match for LeBron in Philadelphia. You would need Joel Embiid to be sitting at the table with LeBron and say I’m ready to play with you, I’m ready to go stand in the corner like you needed Chris Bosh and Kevin Love to do over the last eight years to make this work.”


Windhorst went on to note that LeBron’s favorite teammates are guys who can play off the ball and shoot, whereas Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz “need the ball and cannot shoot.”

Here’s Windhorst’s appearance, with the video cued up to the Philadelphia question:

Windhorst also said he believes LeBron’s already made up his mind that it’ll be either the Lakers or Cavs, and has turned down meetings with other teams.

Mark it down: LeBron would rather die than play for the Sixers. LeBronWatch marches on.

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