LeBronWatch: LeBron James To The Knicks, And He's Bringing Paul George

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Welcome back to LeBronWatch, your source for the most premium inside information on LeBron James’s next destination. He who crowned himself “King of New York” last November may soon be making that a reality. Don’t take it from us—take it from a man who has been somewhat recently employed by the New York Knicks. Kenyon Martin, who suited up in the blue and orange as recently as 2014 and whose son is slated to attend the high school that LeBron Jr. is absolutely, definitely attending, said on CBS radio last week that the best basketball player in the world is headed to the Big Apple. And Paul George will be joining him there, too, Martin said on the air:

The way he approaches things, the way he wants his legacy to be, I think, coming to a franchise that hasn’t done anything as of late. You know, last time they went to the Finals was ‘99, last time they won it was ‘73. You know what I’m saying. So it’s like, just imagine for him, to come here, and that—make a deep playoff run, to not even win it right away. Just make a deep playoff run. Make the playoffs. Have a shot at making the playoffs, with the Knicks. Yeah you know what I’m saying? Yeah but, yeah but, a guy like him and Paul George teaming up been coming up a lot. I think that’s, with [David] Fiz[dale] being the coach now, that’s a viable option.

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