LeBronWatch: Scottie Pippen Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That LeBron Is Definitely Going To The Lakers

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Welcome back to LeBronWatch, where we are watching LeBron. So far, our observations have provided us with two unassailable truths: LeBron James is absolutely going to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he believes that Houston is a city of puke. Today brings us more insider information, though coyly shared, from NBA legend Scottie Pippen.

When Gary Payton revealed that LeBron is destined to join the Lakers, he did so by reporting that LeBron’s son had already committed to a Los Angeles high school where he will play basketball with Kenyon Martin’s son and Scottie Pippen’s son. Pippen, a frequent guest on ESPN’s The Jump, was brought on the air yesterday to, as host Rachel Nichols put it, knock down Payton’s story.


He didn’t knock it down! All Pippen had to say at first was, “I kind of made a few calls yesterday, and from what I’m hearing nothing is official yet.” Later in the segment, when Nichols pushed him once again to refute Payton’s report, Pippen responded by saying, “I wish I could.”

LeBron to the Lakers: double-confirmed.