Leeds United Admit That Ugly, Vaguely Fascist-Looking Crest Might Not Have Been The Greatest Idea

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Are you ready for the next era of Leeds United soccer? Are your ears pinned back to howl at the moon like a wolf, only it’s not the moon, it’s Leeds’ new club crest??? Do you love, uh, celebrating fans?????


Before you ask, no, that’s not in fact a Nazi salute—it’s a traditional club salute. As LeedsLive says, “The salute involves a repeated thump to the chest, traditionally with the left fist, while chanting ‘Leeds, Leeds, Leeds’.” Fans and players used to avoid using their right hands so as to distance themselves from the far right. However, even hardcore fans aren’t down with the logo, which offends even on aesthetic grounds, as it might as well be some randomly generated club crest from Pro Evolution Soccer. Fans seem to be quite protective of their dear old salute, and they are none too pleased with it being splashed all over the team’s branding for marketing purposes. Not exactly a wonderful use of “6 months of research” and the opinions of “10,000 people.”

Leeds’ managing director acknowledged the fuckup, and the club will reopen the consultation process.


At least the headless torso in the bad badge had the good sense to cover his own badge up with his fist.


h/t Kevin Draper