Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• A glance around at the wives and girlfriends are various NFL quarterbacks. [YesButNoButYes]
• Donald Trump, bored with Rosie O'Donnell, addresses Randy Johnson. [Fitted Sweats]
• The most unbreakable records in sports. Wilt Chamberlain's 10,000 is not listed. [The World Almanac]
• Myles Brand claims to be is upset about the lack of people of color that holding head coaching positions in NCAA football. [Ballers, Gamers, and Scoundrels]
• Of all people, a Cleveland fan takes up the case for Mark McGwire's hall of fame entry. [Kid Cleveland]
• Ricky Williams is applying for reinstatement to the NFL. That's great news for whoever coaches the Dolphins next. [West Side Slant]
• This guy's page has an LSU rap song that you might enjoy if you really, really, really like LSU. [myspace]
• Five college basketall players that this guy would like you to know better. [Breaking the Press]
• The LeBrons go on vacation, with some quality artwork. [SLAM Online]
• Jim Mora Jr. was kind enough to leave a letter to his successor. [The Extrapolator]
• The job offers just keep pouring in for Nick Saban. [Critical Sports Blog]
• You should check out the liveblog of last night's game from [TonyHomo]
• JaMarcus Russell looks to be going pro. Someone should tell him that the Raiders have the first pick. [Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels]
• Kicking Tony Romo while he's down. [Old Man Vein]
• Really hard. In the ribs. Again and again. [Seattlest]
• Japan has character questions about Sammy Sosa. [Japan Baseball Daily]

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