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• A soccer game at which Onterrio Smith would have an unfair advantage. [WFMU's Beware of the Blog]

• Asafa Powell re-tied his 9.77 second world record time in the 100m that had been previously tied by Justin Gatlin. I wish one of them would just break the damn thing already. [Guardian Unlimited]

• Notre Dame safety Tom Zbikowski made his pro boxing debut last night, destroying some guy in 49 seconds. He earned $25,000 for the fight. This is apparently fine with the NCAA. [MSNBC]

• Jason Grimsley wants the Diamondbacks to keep paying him, despite the fact that he cheated, quit, and then rolled over like a cheap hooker. [The Sports Frog]

• Texas Longhorn QB Colt McCoy helped save a neighbor's life this weekend, by swimming 300 yards across a lake and then flagging down some help. Replacing Vince Young will probably be a little harder. [News 8 Austin]


• So, Terry Porter is either going to be an assistant coach for the Pistons, or own the Portland Trailblazers. He can't do both. [Detroit Bad Boys]

• This isn't very nice. The Top 7 "crater-faced" baseball players of all-time. [Joe SportsFan]

• Hey, Marshall Faulk might have to retire. That sorta came out of nowhere. Best of luck to him. []