Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• A great recap of a day spent watching Togo and France at the World Cup. Man, that sounds like fun. I gotta get to one of these World Cups. [The Third Leaf]
• Superagent Scott Boras has convinced someone, somewhere, that he is in fact God. [Farther Off the Wall]
• An argument for the lifetime ban of Phillies pitcher Brett Myers. [Japan Baseball Daily]
• Introducing a brand new Orioles blog. Clean, minimalist, and with good content. I like it. [The Oriole Report]
• A recap of the last week of the World Cup. [A Trivial Pursuit]
• Twenty years ago, Dunkin Donuts had an ad campaign proclaiming, "The 86' Mets Run on Dunkin'!" If only coke dealers could have advertising campaigns... [Armchair GM]
• A columnist believes that wearing nice pants will result in better behavior through the world of sports. Here's a disagreement. [The New York Sports Page]


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