ā€¢ He's reached the Pacific Ocean, there's nowhere else to go ā€” Norv Turner to 49ers as an assistant. [SFist]
ā€¢ Seahawks' Sean Locklear arrested, and you gotta admire his timing. [Seahawks Fan In Broncos Land]
ā€¢ Net fault: Roscoe Tanner gets two years in prison. [MSNBC]
ā€¢ After shamelessly flirting with Notre Dame, top prep prospect QB Mustain re-commits to Arkansas. [The Wizard Of Odds]
ā€¢ January baseball news for hopeless addicts: Rangers sign Teixeira for 2 years, $15.4 million. [Reuters]
ā€¢ The Colts' loss to the Steelers was the seventh biggest upset in NFL playoff history. So you know. [Fox Sports]