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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Leftovers: Evicting Mom

• Tebucky Jones tells his mom to get the hell out. [Hartford Courant]
• Better get up early to find out what's up with Floyd Landis. [MSNBC]
• It's college football poll time! [Burnt Orange Nation]
• Well, the refs have some new uniforms. [Uni Watch]
• Uh, Boston? Javy Lopez isn't good anymore. [Red Sox Stats Guy]
• Warning, everyone: Marcus "New Mexico" Vick is turning heads at Dolphins camp. Really. [Orange And Teal]
• You know, it's possible David Ortiz isn't THAT good a clutch hitter. There. You said it. Now duck. [Blogcritics]
• The city of Boston now doesn't have a single black sportswriter. Good work, Beantown. [Scott's Shots]
• Well, well, look who's calling the Little League World Series. [New York Post]


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