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Leftovers: NCAA: "I Need Tickets!"

• The NCAA is reselling its own tournament tickets. [Money Players]
• Tommy Amaker's NCAA title is just a success that hasn't happened yet. [The Feed]
• Freddie Mitchell won't take the help of the one guy who cares. [The 700 Level]
• Rick Majerus would like to help you masturbate. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

By the way, we're still in Austin. People keep asking us what we think of Austin, and we really don't know what to tell them; from our hotel room, where we've pretty much been since we got here (working on all this NCAA business), it looks like Hartford. Or Paris. Anyway, just for our own self-indulgent amusement, after the jump, an actual phone call we received on our hotel phone this morning.


I swear to God, I had this conversation with someone calling my hotel room phone.


Me: Hello?
Caller: Yeah, Don?
Me: No, I'm sorry, I believe you have the wrong room.
Caller: Really? They said this room is registered under "Leitch."
Me: Yes. That's me. My name's Will Leitch.
Caller: Your last name is Leitch?
Me: Yes. Honest.
Caller: Oh. I'm trying to reach Donovan.
Me: Donovan Leitch? Donovan Leitch is in this hotel?
Caller: Yeah, and I thought this was his room.
Me: I've always wanted to meet him. We have the same last name and all, and it's somewhat unusual.
Caller: You sure he's not there?
Me: Well, I haven't seen him, but I've been kind of busy and haven't had a chance to scan the room.
Caller: OK. Well, when I find him, I'll tell him there's another Leitch in the hotel.
Me: Please do.

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