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Lenny Dykstra Lets The World Know He's "Flying Higher"

Here's the portion of Bernard Goldberg's follow-up with Lenny Dykstra from last night's "Real Sports" where The Dude daftly mumbles his way through an interview he appears to have completely forgotten was scheduled.

If Goldberg was guilty of glossing over Dykstra's obvious instability during the March 2008 interview, he goes out of his way to show the pathetic reality this time around ā€” he points out how there's "no furniture" when he peeks inside the mansion, shots of him pacing on his cellphone to try to get in touch with Dykstra. But, to be fair, you can clearly see that at least a couple of those bills Dykstra pulls from his pocket are hundreds so he does have more than the "$75" Goldberg says he has. So there's that.

The biggest tragedy out of all of this is that we'll probably never see "The World According To Lenny" hit the big screen:

HBO Finally Outs Dykstra As Bumbling, Sad, Delusional Trainwreck [Deadspin]

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