Lenny Dykstra Now Reduced To Stealing From Wayne Gretzky

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Dykstra may not have a wad of cash anymore, but at least he has two multi-million dollar homes. Whoops! Seems he's been banned from entering those, because Nails has been stealing anything not nailed down.

Dykstra owns two homes in a gated community in Ventura County, the larger of which is valued at $18 million. But since he's failed to pay his homeowner's insurance, and doesn't appear to be capable of doing so, the state has stepped in and seized the assets until they can be converted to cash.

But just because he's not in control of his homes anymore, that's not going to stop Dykstra from trying to make a little money off them:

Dykstra owns two multimillion dollar homes at Lake Sherwood, one formerly owned by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

He allegedly went to the property and removed lighting fixtures, wood flooring and a La Cornue oven and cook top - which the Gretzkys installed for $51,750 - according to a bankruptcy court filing. Dykstra could not be reached for comment, but according to the New York Daily News he acknowledged removing some items, but denied selling them.


Yeah, I'll believe that. While he's forced to sell his World Series ring to make some cash, I'm sure he just wants the flooring for nostalgic reasons.

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