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Leonard Davis Gives A Damn About Your Horse

It's the biggest time of the year in horse racing, and you know what that means: total disregard for the health of animals while the rest of us drink bourbon and gamble. But not for Cowboys offensive lineman Leonard Davis. Davis is an equine hero.

Davis was at his house in Arizona, and he saw across the street — and I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me — a horse named Ranger waist deep in mud.


Davis sprung into action, throwing a rope around the horse, and pulling the big filthy lug out of the sinkhole. And then, because he's a really nice guy (and because no one likes a dirty horse), Davis got out his hose and gave Ranger a bath.

He downplayed his heroic act, saying, "I was just doing what anybody else would have done." And thank goodness he did, it was hard enough to find a divine Cheeto that looked like Barbaro. Finding one to capture the unique features of Ranger would've been too much to ask.

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