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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Leonard Floyd Suplexed Danny Amendola Into The Turf And Gifted The Dolphins A Score

The Dolphins scored first in their game against the Bears today and while head coach Adam Gase should be celebrated for somehow getting an offense to succeed under the helm of Brock Osweiler, it’s not like Miami didn’t have any help getting near the end zone.


On a 2nd-and-7 early in the first quarter, Osweiler threw a pass to Danny Amendola over the middle. Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd decided that this would be an appropriate time to add another highlight to his WWE audition tape and suplexed Amendola into the ground.

Somewhere there’s a Bears fan who was alive during the 1985 season who is making some serious “back in my day” complaints right now. Sorry, gramps, you just can’t do that kind of stuff anymore. Floyd was flagged for unnecessary roughness which set up the Osweiler touchdown to Nick O’Leary.