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Let Me Show You My Pogs: The League Before Time

I grew up a collector. Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe I was brainwashed, growing up in the era of Saturday morning cartoon shows, video games and pizza bribes for school work. But I liked to collect things: Baseball cards, action figures, video games, whatever.

By far the stupidest collection I had was pogs. A game where you used a metal or plastic “slammer” to hit stacks of small, cardboard circles, pogs were the fidget spinner of their day: Everywhere and then gone in just a couple of months. If my memory is correct, in Northeast Philly the pog fad of 1994 quickly gave way to hacky sacks.

Somehow my pog collection has survived for almost 25 years. I am sharing it with you so that future generations may learn what the mid-1990s were like. Today: The League Before Time, a dinosaur-themed set of NFL pogs. Enjoy!

Staff editor, Deadspin

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