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Let Michael Irvin Scare You Into Getting Excited About College Football

Today is apparently the official start of the college football season. As someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in a team with any sort of non-lethal relevance, it’s very easy for this day to come and go without much fanfare. However, if you’re a fan of the University of Miami, there was almost no chance that you missed this news, as it was delivered to you last night in the form of a very moist Michael Irvin screaming himself hoarse to a crowd of adoring and/or intimidated people.


Luckily for the folks in the audience, there were no scissors immediately available for any tangible damage to occur, and Reggie Wayne was also on stage to prevent things from getting too out of hand.

However Irvin chose to celebrate that night in order to get himself that hyped, it wasn’t enough to incapacitate him for the following morning, as he was able to make it on College Gameday, where he wore his old jersey like it was 1987 all over again.


The exploitative fun officially begins tonight when Miami takes on Florida.

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