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Let’s Remember Some Guys: When Paul Heyman Was Paul E. Dangerously

Paul Heyman is known today as the advocate for WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar, but about 30 years ago he was Paul E. Dangerously—named, as Heyman says in a WWE DVD, because he looked like Michael Keaton’s character in the 1984 film Johnny Dangerously.


However, in one of these WCW cards from Championship Marketing—the first set of World Championship Wrestling cards—Paul E. Dangerously is “Paul E. With Mouth Open.” Hm, it seems that Paul can’t keep his story straight.

Despite this oddity—his mouth is open, we can see it in the photo—the back of the cards are actually pretty thorough. Here’s part of Heyman’s bio:

His resume is a combination rap sheet and news release; he was banned from WARY-FM during a short and tumultuous stint at Westchester Community College; he ran the photography and public relations departments for Studio 54 during the club’s infamous heyday; he had a fist fight with Guardian Angels cofounder Lisa Silwa (the winner of which remains a mystery); and he was kicked off TBS for making “controversial statements,” but was rehired for the specific purpose of being controversial.

Luis Paez-Pumar and I got together to remember some WCW guys. Join us as we talk Paul Heyman, Tom Zenk, and Tony Schiavone in front of a Chicago building that is actually called the Chicago Building.

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