Let The Games, And The Fussing, Begin

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Time to say hello to our new favorite word: "Princessy." Which sports personality actually used the word on Tuesday? Time for you to guess. Here's the quote.

I am very princessy as far as travel is concerned and having a nice room and things like that. Sorry to say princessy. But that s what we do.

Was it:
A. Brett Favre;
B. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura;
C. U.S. men's skate champion Johnny Weir.

For those who guessed 'A,' congratulations. No wait, sorry. It was 'C.' Weir, the three-time U.S. men's figure skating champion, arrived in Turin on Tuesday and immediatly gave a Nicky Hilton-style thumbs down to the Olympic Village accomodations. "I hate carrying my own luggage, and I hate trekking up stairs," he said. "I like a nice bed to be laid out for me. So it s not any of that. It s not very comfortable."


Not quite as inspiring as "Swifter, Higher, Stronger," but it may catch on.

By the way, not surprisingly, the folks at OutSports are big fans of Weir, compiling some of his more out-RAGE-ous! statements. Love it!


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