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Looking for something to watch when the NCAA Tournament is over? Hope your cable company offers Court TV, because the trial of the decade is about to begin; the case of the Oklahoma Sooners fan who ripped the scrotum of a Texas Longhorns fan in a bar fight. Nancy Grace is working herself into a lather as we speak!


It all happened this past August, in Oklahoma City; although the repercussions have stayed with many of us to this day (crosses legs uncomfortably).

A judge has ordered a man to stand trial on a felony assault charge for a bar confrontation that escalated from football trash talking to a near castration. Allen Michael Beckett will be tried on a charge of aggravated assault and battery. The 53-year-old man is accused of tearing the scrotum of 32-year-old Brian Thomas after Beckett taunted Thomas for wearing a University of Texas shirt into a bar popular with fans of the Oklahoma Sooners. The trial is set for April 16.


If you haven't clicked on the original story yet, it's much more graphic. Sorry. Enjoy the rest of your day, guys!

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