Let Us Cringe Together At A Truly Butchered Pre-Game National Anthem

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Rachel Platten is a well-known pop singer. I am a crusty old shitbag, and so I have heard of roughly no one, but I understand she’s had some chart-topping hits and may have performed on, like, Good Morning America or something. At any rate, here she is performing, well, some of the national anthem at a NWSL match between the Utah Royals and the Chicago Red Stars. Fair warning! It’s brutal:

Another view. This one manages to be even more uncomfortable. Beware!

If you make it past her second restart without fleeing the room in mortification, you’ll be treated to an eventual recovery and a fine finish. But if I asked you to guess which line a national anthem performer forgot, probably you’d need a lot of guesses before you threw out the second lyric in the damn song.