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Let Us Now Consider The Possibility That Madonna's Halftime Show Was A Satanic Ritual

Don't know where you fall on the whole "Music as Devil's Instrument" spectrum, but there is quite a bit to consider in the magnum "Satanic Ritual Performed at The NFL Half Time Show" post on "Consciousness TV."

These for-your-consideration points include:

• "Crown of Hathor, Isis, Egyptian symbolism, One eye symbolism, Winger Sun, Letter 'M' all over the place which is the '13' letter of the alphabet and is also represent the '13 Satanic Bloodlines' and also stands for 'Mason' as a Freemason,"


• "Madonna wearing a headdress for Baphomet – The Crown of Hathor,"

• "The entire act was sending a subliminal message to the world, and that message is the following. 'Take heart, lovers of pleasure. Our satanic messiah is about to appear with great power to usher in world peace so that everyone (who worships Satan ) can have a good time,'"

• "Madonna opened with a Roman Theme but she didnt have a Roman Helmet, instead she had a ritual Lucifer horned crown of gold," and


• "Pentagram/Baphomet on her crotch. Also you can see sight of abuse if you look close enough at her crotch."

There is much more. Even more than Baphomet crotch abuse marks. You should take a look at the site with visions of blood orgies dancing in your head. And when those visions fade, and you need to decide whether it's in any way possible for 111.3 million people to have been indoctrinated into a world of suckling at Lamashtu's teet, consider this:

"So, we see her final Act and she comes out in a black Sabbath witch's gown, singing to her track 'Like A Prayer' but yet this supposedly religious song doesn't use the word Jesus, so who was she praying to when she dropped to her knees?"



Satanic Ritual Performed at The NFL Half Time Show [WorldTruth] (H/T Furious Frank)

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