Let's All Watch Around The Horn Uncomfortably Discuss The Mariotti Mess

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Around The Horn returned from its fortuitously timed hiatus today to finally discuss Mariotti the best way they know: with a timer and a scoring system, and by barking like trained seals.

While the 21st century of the Algonquin Round Table didn't discuss the actual charges or what they themselves thought of the incident and Mariotti in general, they were happy to tsk-tsk everyone for the negative (read: joyous) reaction to Mariotti's arrest for allegedly beating up his girlfriend.

Cliff's Notes

Kevin Blackistone: Haters; everyone's jealous.

Woody Paige: Subtext thick with glee; talk of glass houses, etc. Doesn't mention: People in glass houses have an easier time seeing and then reporting to police any incidents of alleged spousal abuse involving Jay Mariotti.


Bob Ryan: Jay's a contrarian. I once made a remark that led to my suspension but received a lot of support.

(What Bob Ryan probably means is that when people like you, you're more likely to get support. But if you're a loudmouth whom no one liked to begin with and you stand accused of violently assaulting your girlfriend, you're SOL. But it's still shameful that people can call you on your bullshit. Or something.)