Let's Check In With Tiger Woods

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At a press event today for a new public golf course in Ridgedale, Mo., a kid reporter challenged old and fucked up Tiger Woods to a “friendly” competition from the range. Woods, sounding like he was reading a cue card, said, “There’s nothing friendly about it.” He smiled. Chuckles all around.

Then he plunked his shot straight in the water. The camera didn’t show where the second shot ended up, but it wasn’t good.

“First shot was crap. I hit it in the water,” Woods said at the event, which included a Q&A moderated by Tom Lehman. “The second shot I stiffed it.”


Woods also shared unspecific updates on his fitness.

“The back is progressing,” Wood said, according to Golf.com. “I have good days and bad days. I have had three back operations, and that’s kind of the nature of the business, unfortunately. That’s all I can say.”


He’s also starting to look ahead to the Champions tour. From Golf.com:

“Nine more years — nine — that’s all I got, before I’m going to beat you on the senior tour!” he said pointing at Lehman.

Told later that he’s never been one to talk much about playing on the Champions tour, Woods said, “It’s right around the corner now.”