Let's Dive Deeper Into The Funbag

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It’s cruel, in its way: a week after we intermittently entertained a crowd of friendly goofballs in Chicago in a live podcast that many are still calling “perfectly fine, all things considered,” Drew is once again in the same city as the rest of the Deadcast team. And yet, because of his important work on another project, he has never been further away. Yes if you want to be literal about it Drew has in fact been much further away and in fact actually came into the office and grabbed a nap on Monday, which presumably distressed staffers who did not know a) why the large pale muppet-man was sleeping on a couch or b) where his shoes were. But since then he’s been at it hard enough that we weren’t able to record a new episode this week. Luckily, we kept some true evergreen idiocy in our strategic idiocy reserve. It dates back just a few months, to when Deadspin’s big red son Patrick Redford joined us for a very special All Funbag Extravaganza. Please join us in reliving the summer good times.

This is the mystery and majesty of The Funbag. It’s bottomless, both in the sense that there are more questions than we could ever answer and also no bottom to this particular deep and still-diving moment. We will be back to assess this bottomlessness with some all new babbling and blurting next week. For now, know that we are monitoring the situation. Know that Drew is possibly sleeping, upsettingly, somewhere near me as I type this. Know that we will be back, stronger and dumber than ever or at least as strong and as dumb as ever, sooner than later.

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