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As we continue to sift through the rubble of last Thursday β€” a day we are perfectly comfortable with commemorating with the "Deadspin Festivus" moniker, from now into eternity β€” we check in again on Carl Monday, who, as always, reminds us to ask, "Are our libraries a beacon of light ... or a cesspool for perverts?"


Anyway, a couple of commenters dug up that Carl played baseball until a career-ending injury to his tailbone during an excessive celebration at home plate. (Ahem.) And we're also told that Monday filed a followup report.

But we're starting to realize Carl was onto something. As pointed out by the totally-not-biased folks at The M Zone, it was a bad week for Ohio State fans with non-traditional sexual proclivities. In a much more sinister offense, a man wearing a Ohio State hat (and a mustache!) was busted by NBC's Dateline for attempting to solicit minors online. It has totally not been a good week for Ohio State fans with mustaches. If you happen to be an Ohio State grad or fan, we suggest you shave that thing.

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