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Let's Go To The Studio, Where It's Jimmy With Keggy And The Gang

Considering that FOX has barely showed any college football this year and therefore has no established halftime "in the studio" team, we were curious how they would handle last night, which after all was the supposed biggest game of the year. We admire their conclusion: They just picked two retired players who were the biggest booster alumni of each of the teams and let them just scream. That's one way to do it!

Seriously, we never thought we would see the day when an "analyst" of a major sporting event was jumping up and down on the sidelines and yelling at a player to "run!" ... but that's exactly what you saw Eddie George — who has a freaking restaurant on campus — doing in the first quarter last night. Across from him was Emmitt Smith, who ... well, at least he didn't dance, we'll give him that.


Still, we think there's something to this idea; easing on down the slippery slope, it's honestly just a matter of time until they just go ahead and have the mascots doing halftime analysis. Now, if only Stanford could make it into a title game ...

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