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Let's Play "Count The Slurs In Jemele Hill's Hate Mail"

Jemele Hill posted to Twitter one of the many hate letters ESPN gets about her, this time for her appearances on Colin Cowherd's radio show. And you have to give the writer some credit. Besides the immaculate penmanship (Hill notes a correlation between racists and hand-written letters), he manages to nail every slur in the book without actually saying "nigger." Wonder where he learned that?


The letter is gross, and it's gross that Hill isn't particularly fazed by this anymore—she says she gets one a day. This is maybe what happens when you promote combative "debate" as the pinnacle of human interaction, especially to an audience that wouldn't be able to tune in if they had a job to go to.

Also, "short sound bites from (male) black jocks is tolerable" is the new "some of my best friends are black."

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