Let's Remember Some Guys, Random Baseball Card Treasure Trove Volume II

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Remembering Some Treasure Trove Guys: Vol. II
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In this week’s thrilling installment of Let’s Remember Some Guys, Lauren and I return to the treasure trove/antique printer box of unsolicited baseball cards mailed to our office by an unnamed benefactor in search of ... I should probably have figured out the conclusion to this sentence before I started writing it.

I suspect for Lauren it had something to do with me failing to Remember a Guy and being punished with a big strenuous lump of Dubble Bubble. For me it certainly had a lot to do with the delight of enjoying a treasured childhood memory of a woman in the Yankee Stadium bleachers singing an extremely profane song about Rob Deer. For you, the viewer, it may be nothing so specific or individuated. Regardless of your own memories of these guys, this video is guaranteed to include:

  • Me singing the extremely profane song that the woman made up about Rob Deer.
  • A child’s failed chant accusing Carney Lansford of baseball malfeasance.
  • Relaxing music.
  • An aggressive attempt at personal rebranding from Hall of Famer Tim Raines.
  • Dan Pasqua.

The rest of it, of course, is yours to provide. But the remembering is free. It’s our gift—or more specifically the gift of whoever sent like 700 extremely common cards from 1986-1995 across the country at a cost of $18.58—to you.