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In retrospect, the decision to do a second Mets-centric episode of Let’s Remember Some Guys falls somewhere between a calculated risk and a flagrant taunt. We had tried this before, and the result involved me talking about some Mets getting in a fight at a Houston bar named Cooter’s Executive Games And Burgers, right there on camera where everyone could see it. I did the little weird shuffle dance that Tim Teufel did while waiting for a pitch, and people made GIFs of it and sent them to me online, people who call themselves my friends.

What I am saying here is that there are risks inherent in asking me to talk about the Mets. People that know me, my friends and family and loved ones, know this and take precautions. The warnings are obvious and easy to find on this site. And yet, as you can see, we did it all again anyway.

So yes, there were Mets. Rather a lot of Mets, honestly, and much more prominent ones than usual. It was not really in doubt that I would Remember these particular Guys, because they are Mets of a certain era and I am a Mets fan of a certain age and because my brain is luridly broken in a way that guarantees I will somehow remember that Kevin McReynolds is from Arkansas long after I forget my own father’s birthday. While there is less dancing than there was in the previous installment, and no mention of Cooter’s Executive Games And Burgers or any acts of rowdiness committed therein, I don’t imagine we’ll get many complaints about that. This was, in the end, absolutely what everyone involved should have expected and almost certainly did expect. You should ask them why they chose to have Lauren wave a bunch of Wally Backman cards in front of me, knowing full well what would follow. I myself was just doing what came naturally.

David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.

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