Tony Romo dropped a minor burn on Deion Sanders during the CBS broadcast yesterday, noting that Kansas City’s Marcus Peters “makes Deion Sanders looks good at tackling.” Sanders responded on TV with a Stephen-A.-inspired monologue.

For my money, Deion’s rant is trying a little too hard. And yet I’m grateful for it, because in an effort to figure out whether Deion Sanders could, in fact, actually tackle, I came across this highlight:

I assume that video is one of the best moments of a last-place 1990 Yankees season. In this game, Deion Sanders—batting leadoff despite hitting .158 that year—knocked what should have been a pretty standard base hit. But when Bo Jackson, who also had three dongs in three at-bats on this day, missed a diving catch, it set up a glorious play at the plate, with Sanders diving over catcher Mike Macfarlane and finally touching home on the second try.


So thanks, Tony Romo. Without your gentle trash talk, I never would have been able to see a Royals catcher get a Primetime crotch to the head.