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Let's See What Former NHL Enforcer Donald Brashear Is Up To

Last week, the New York Times featured long-time NHL enforcer Donald Brashear's current lot in life: "playing in the rough-and-tumble Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey because he still loved the game." The story chronicled a brawl involving Brashear and opponent Trois-Rivières goalie.

"It was just like I told you," a calm Brashear said in the same corridor afterward, "things got out of hand."

Here's video of the time things got out of hand.

And that video up top? Well, that's from JT at 25Stanley, "The Finger Licking Sportsfeed." Whether in English or in French, it shows Brashear drinking, ass-wiggling and pounding the air and his beer. It's difficult to discern whether these are the actions of a guy just livin' the dream or a stubborn sad clown.


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