Let's Stage A Citizen's Intervention. Here's Charlie's Sheen's Phone Number.

Anyone want to call up dirtbag America's folk hero? We have his number. READ »


More At Jezebel: I Played Phone Tag With Charlie Sheen


This weekend I found myself drinking with a group of close friends and colleagues, one of whom had Charlie Sheen's phone number. You know where this is going. READ »

Earlier: The Messy History Of Charlie Sheen's "Winning" Ring


As part of his relentless media odyssey last week, Charlie Sheen introduced himself to Twitter with a message that had a Chappelle-esque, "Kiss the rings, bitches" quality to it. It was an image of Sheen's shimmering 1927 World Series ring that was once worn by another winner with an equally insatiable appetite for showgirls and booze: Babe Ruth. READ »


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