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Let's Watch LeBron's Block In Super-Slow-Motion

Goddamn, that was just absurd. When you consider just how routine and expected LeBron James's displays of dominance of have become, it's really a wonder that he can still surprise us with plays like this.


And that's really what made this play so great: the surprise of it. Look at George Hill's eyes as he makes his way towards the rim. He never even sees James coming, even though he should. After all, how can you miss a 6-foot-8 giant bearing down on you from the wing? Or maybe Hill does see him, but chooses to ignore the threat posed by James because not even the greatest player in the world can make a feasible play on the ball from that angle, right? At worst, Hill probably thought he was lining himself up to draw a foul.

And he should have been right. Look at where James is as Hill begins his leap toward the rim:

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It doesn't seem possible that James should be able to go from that position, to swallowing Hill in his shadow and deftly flicking the ball to half court within a few fractions of a second. The geometry and the physics of the game would seem to rule such a play an impossibility.

But this is what James does: He crumples up whatever piece of paper the angles of the game are neatly drawn out on, throws it in your face, and then does whatever the hell he wants.