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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Let's Watch Some Diego Maradona Highlights For No Good Reason

The other day I went down a YouTube rabbithole trying to find a song to pair with a video to make a meme (don’t ask), and ended up watching Diego Maradona highlights for an hour. I know all about la mano de Dios, his absolute filleting of England during the 1986 World Cup, and of course the absurdities of his post-playing career, but I guess I’ve never really watched an extended highlight reel of his. Holy shit, he was amazingly good!


(Good job Kevin, way to stand out on that limb and conclude that the widely-agreed upon second-best soccer player ever was good at soccer.)

Anyway, if you’ve never really watched Maradona before, you should absolutely get lost in the above video featuring 30-minutes of devastating runs and a silky-smooth left foot. And even if you have, you should watch it anyway.


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