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Let's Watch Some Guy Named Vinny D. Dispense Love Advice

To quote Vinny D. of party promotions on Strong Island (and tha boroughs), "Stay single. Have a good time. There's no parole officer. There's no cop. There's nobody to answer to at the end of the night. I mean, your mother stops being your mother when you turn 18. You don't need a mother at 25. Give me a fuckin' break. What is this, bullshit here? This is fucking crazy."

Explains our tipster, that intuitive quote was delivered during a conversation with the cameraman who, at 25, had somewhat of a controlling girlfriend. Vinny, he's the CEO. The woman at the desk, she's the secretary. The five minutes and 20 seconds of footage, they're "the greatest commentary on relationships of all time." And we're all better people for it.


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