John McCain's unpredictably odd but glamorous-looking choice for Vice President dazzled the media on Friday, but the case for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin isn't looking as crafty a decision anymore. Most of the controversy stems from Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, tiny eskimo in the ovenand the predictable family values scrutiny that comes with such a revelation. The New York Daily News' story about the Alaskan squire who knocked up the young Palin, describing him as a "a superhunky bad-boy ice hockey player from cold country." The sleuths over at Gawker happened upon his recently removed MySpace profile in which the young Johnston boastfully declared himself a "Fuckin' Redneck" and posts some photos of the young puckhead in requisite middle-finger mode. Sarah Palin says that Levi does intend to marry her daughter. (While she's running for VP. Post-election? The kid's got a better shot of marrying a moose.) Whatever criticism befalls Johnston during his time in the spotlight, there won't ever be any questions about the kid's toughness. Johnston suffered a cracked tibia right before the hockey playoffs during his junior year as a Wasilla Warrior, but decided to ignore his doctor's advice and play anyway โ€” even if it was just the consolation round. The result? Two goals. Your move, Hallie Biden. Bristol Pallin's Pregnancy Was An Open Secret Back Home [NY Daily News] Wasilla skaters battle for fourth [ADN]