Lewis Hamilton Wins F1 Title, Has Hot Girlfriend; Deal With It, Spain

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Overcomomg a slick track, various porcupine road hazards and these guys, 23-year-old Lewis Hamilton finished fifth at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday to become the youngest Formula One champion ever. So he celebrated as you or I would; by spending a night in Sao Paulo with his hot rock star girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls. Thus proving once again that the best revenge is living well. Hamilton is possibly the most polarizing figure in auto racing, especially in Spain, where his rivalry with Spanish driver Fernando Alonso has made him the brunt of taunts, much of it racist in nature. Last week a Spanish website called "pinchalaruedadeHamilton" (burst Hamilton's tires) surfaced, featuring an animated image of Interlagos that allowed users to leave nails and porcupines on the track for Hamilton's car to run over. From Wikipedia:

Among hundreds of anti-Hamilton comments left since 2007, some included racial insults. Comments on the website included "Half-breed, kill yourself in your car," and "I hope you run over your dad in the first pit stop, Hamilton."

Said Hamilton in February, shortly after the "blackface" incident:

“The truth is I feel quite sad. I love [Spain], especially the city of Barcelona and this circuit, which is one of my three favourites. The Spanish people have always been very warm to me, and even though I thought something like this might happen, it wasn’t pleasant … But I’m still positive, as I still have great fans and friends in Spain."


Oh, and I had no idea this circuit was so lucrative. "Hamilton now set for a £100million annual salary, eclipsing the £31million that David Beckham earned last year and even surpassing the £72million earned this year by Tiger Woods." Champ Lewis Hamilton Purrs Over Pussycat Nicole As The World's Hottest Couple Celebrate His F1 Title With Night Out [Daily Mail]