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In an attempt to outdo Tennessee's auto-erotic Lamborghini, Georgia Tech's football team posed with not one, but two muscle cars. Also, they can turn into giant robots that fight evil.


The Yellow Jackets sat for their team poster with Bumblebee and Ironhide from this summer's Transformer's sequel. Well it's not really Bumblebee and Ironhide, seeing as how: a)they're fictional characters and b) they'd never be seen dead with an ACC school. But two vehicles that look like ones from a movie before they're CGI'ed into Autobots is a good get, GaTech PR department!

Just like Tennessee's team photo, getting to pose with a couple cars serves as a huge incentive for the Yellow Jackets. From the press release: "Each summer, all the hard work is rewarded with their annual summer conditioning poster." For be it from me to judge what passes for positive reinforcement in college football, but I will say it's better than USC's annual "sacks of money giveaway."

Still, why do they look so depressed?


Transformers Come To Georgia Tech [PlayAtGaTech]

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