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Lil' Ronnie Throws Down the Gauntlet; Common and Kanye Answer

In what's shaping up to be the most vicious rap beef since 50 Cent tangled with Oprah, Common and Kanye West have ignored Lil' Ronnie's advice to "step off." No, they have stepped right the heck on, recording this little pro-Bears ditty, "Southside Superbowl."

Download here, courtesy of Spine Magazine.

So that's RonD on the side of the Colts, and Common and Kanye West on the side of the Bears. Welcome to what I'm sure will be the least violent rap war of all time... there's almost no possibility of someone getting shot here. One guy wears a backpack, one guy's in a Gap commercial, and one guy, in 2007, advises people to "step off."


We'll just have to let the album sales decide.

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