Lindsey Vonn Is Just As Dumb And Humorless As Her Boyfriend Tiger Woods

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Yesterday at The Players' Tribune, "Tiger Woods" "wrote" the dumbest fucking thing in response to a satirical, obviously fake piece that ran in a recent issue of Golf Digest. All Woods's blockheaded complaint did was alert the world to how much of a dense, robotic dolt he is, and now his girlfriend, Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn, is following his lead.

USA Today caught up with Vonn, and asked her what she thought of her boyfriend making an ass out of himself in public:

"We talked about the article and that he was going to say something," Vonn told USA TODAY Sports. "I completely agree with him. I agree with his statement and I'm glad that he did it. That's not journalism. It was like a fabricated interview, like what (Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say."

"But it went way too far, and it wasn't very clear that it was a joke, that it was fabricated. If you read it, you might think that it was actually Tiger talking. The whole thing is completely ridiculous."


Again, Dan Jenkins's gentle ribbing of Woods is plainly satire to anyone with two functioning eyes. It appeared under the headline "My (Fake) Interview With Tiger," which is also how the story was teased on the cover and in the table of contents.

This is all so dumb. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are so dumb.

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