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Lingerie Football League More Like The NFL Than Expected

Go ahead, just try to tell me you aren't crossing off the days on your calendar until next month's debut of the Lingerie Football League. And while the action may not be top-shelf, they're keeping stats like the big boys.

Eagle-eyed reader Zac was poking around on the LFL's website site (he only surfs it for the articles), when he came across their standings page and noticed it looked a little...busy.


Do we really need each team's home and road splits, or records within the division and conference? (They don't play out of conference, and there are no divisions.)

A little gumshoe work later, and we find out that the page is ripped straight from the NFL's standings page. At least they had the foresight to remove the "last five games" column, seeing as how the LFL's season lasts four games.

And yes, they spelled "confrence"(twice) and "reagular" wrong.


Lingerie Football League - 2009 Reagular[sic] Season [LFL]

NFL Standings [NFL]

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