Lingerie Football Star Chloe Butler May Break Hearts, Definitely Breaks Arms

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Meet Chloe Butler. She is an Australian lingerie football star, currently playing for the Los Angeles Temptation. As any degenerate will tell you, lingerie football is no joke. The stakes are high, and the fans higher. It should come as no surprise, then, that Chloe here takes great joy in inflicting pain upon her opponents, even breaking their limbs.

In her own words: "I feel a little bit bad. I broke the Minnesota quarterback's arm in our first game. I was kind of happy for our team that I put her out of the game but I felt bad..." The injuries go both ways, though she notes. "I am riddled with bruises every day. I think the guy at Starbucks thinks I get beat up by my boyfriend."


At one time she was an Olympic hopeful, but injuries robbed her of that dream. So, she did what any sensible Sheila would do and turned to modelling. Eventually, Butler was convinced to try out for the Lingerie Football League while at a Playboy photo shoot. Now, a "star" in the league, she scoffs at the notion that her sport objectifies women. "Look at David Beckham, he has shown his beautiful, chiselled physique many times and got a pay cheque from that. It is a part of the business ... if you have a beautiful, feminine physique, why not display it to the world?"

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