Reigning Champions League champs Barcelona are taking on Europa League winners Sevilla in the UEFA Supercup right now, but that’s not the only contest being waged in Tbilisi. Éver Banega and Lionel Messi are in the midst of an impromptu free kick-off.

The strike you see above is Banega’s game opening goal. The Argentine midfielder stroked his shot so flushly keeper Marc-André ter Stegen didn’t even try to stop it.

Messi, seeing his compatriot’s strike, thought to himself, Hm that was pretty cool. I should probably show him how it’s done, though, and uncorked this beauty:


About 10 minutes after the equalizer, Barça won another free kick from an even more difficult spot on the field to score from. Now, the living Soccer God probably thought to himself, they’ll really know my power:


La Liga doesn’t kick off for another couple weeks, but based on this the early evidence, it still looks to be home to the best teams in the world, and far and away the planet’s best player.

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