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Two basketball players from the University of Florida — freshman Cody Larson, 18, and sophomore Erik Murphy, 19 — were charged with breaking into a car early Sunday morning. Team manager Joshua Adel was charged with principal to burglary for acting as a lookout as the two followed up on a failed attempt to shake down an employee who was closing out at Scarlett O'Hara's Restaurant & Bar:

Investigators said Larson and Murphy went into Scarlett O'Hara's Bar and Restaurant around 2 a.m. Sunday and claimed to have lost a wallet. They said the men tried to get close to an employee who was counting money from the night.

Bouncers then told Larson and Murphy to leave and a few minutes later, they saw the men breaking into a co-worker's car in a parking lot across the street, according to police.


The players were held in a police cruiser and, mercifully, recorded as they attempted to devise a story for what they'd done. Among the ideas: to target O'Hara's for letting in underaged drinkers.

Gators coach Billy Donovan has suspended Larson and Murphy from "basketball-related activities." They're out on bond now — possibly downing Jager shots in a bar somewhere and constructing their grand plan for destroying the tape that is now everywhere on the internet. We suggest they target the internet.

St. Augustine Police Arrest 2 UF Players []

Video and audio, if you couldn't tell, via First Coast News and by way of Eye On College Basketball.

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