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Listen To This Cricket Announcer Describe A Ball Heading Directly For His Face

Edward Bevan, cricket announcer for BBC Sport Wales, nearly dodged a ball hit into the announcer's booth by a Somerset player on Monday. More impressively, he narrated its approach: "It's coming up, is it going to hit us?" Bevan manages, and then you hear the kind of glass-smashing sound effect you thought only came out of Saturday morning cartoons as a kid.

Bevan was hit in the back and was "shaken and bruised" afterwards, but it is the third such incident of his career, and he was lucky to have turned away. The batsman, Peter Trego, reportedly "put his fist through the air" to celebrate his hit into press row. Not that he was aiming, or anything.


BBC man takes cover as ball smashes into commentary box [BBC Sport]
Commentator Edward Bevan hit by cricket ball at Taunton [BBC News]

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