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Lithuanian Man Fined For "Nazi Gestures" and "Monkey Chants" Directed At Nigeria

A couple of Olympians have gotten in trouble for making some racist comments. Not wanting to be left out, a Lithuanian man decided to join in on the fun.


Lithuania played Nigeria in men's basketball on Tuesday, with Lithuania winning 72-53. When the US beat Nigeria 156-73 on Thursday, the score was embarrassing enough. One Lithuanian, on the other hand, wanted to add insult to injury; he was fined £2,500 in a London court for "racially aggravated behavior."

FIBA has warned Lithuania not to let this sort of thing happen again. From the Associated Press:

"We are absolutely against any of this and we have indicated to the Lithuanian delegation that it would be better for them if they were to communicate with their fans," [FIBA secretary general Patrick Baumann] said.
"If it happens, it is going to have other consequences beyond the London Games," Baumann said. "This is about respecting their opponents, it is about respecting the Games, the Olympic values, and it is a celebration of friendship between people from all over the world."

Racism is bad, obviously. But can FIBA really expect Lithuanian officials to be responsible for the actions of each of their fans?

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