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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Alan Beck, a chiropractor/little league coach in Lakeside, Calif., is suing a 14-year-old player for tossing his helmet in celebration after scoring a game-winning run. That helmet struck Beck and tore his Achilles tendon.

Beck is seeking $500,000 in pain and suffering, plus $100,000 in legal bills, and is a bad person.

"At first I thought it was joke," [the player's father Joe] Paris said. "Now, I think it's absurd. I've already spent over $4,000 and we haven't even been in a courtroom yet."


Beck isn't the first to try to collect from a small child (or, more realistically, the little league's insurance company). The case of Elizabeth Lloyd, who in 2012 sued an 11-year-old after she was hit in the face with a baseball, is still wending its way through the court system.

[KCRA, h/t Kyle]

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