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Little League Potty Mouth

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I'll be honest with you. I'm not going to watch much of the Little League World Series. All the talk about the purity of baseball at this level, the innocence of youth, the true, raw, uncorrupted emotion... it doesn't do much for me. But thankfully, Deadspin reader BL was watching last night, and he caught this gem:

A precious moment last night during the New England/Midwest game as I was flipping through—a kid gave up a couple walks or hits, not sure, Skip was coming out to pull him, and ESPN's mikes caught the little scamp expressing his frustration. "He's not giving me shit! The ump won't give me shit. Don't touch me! This is bullshit!" Two regrets: 1. I was so embarassed and disgusted by this f—-er that I impulsively changed the channel like it was the Wonder Years and Kevin just got wood in gym class, thereby losing the Tivo continuity, and 2. Hal Reynolds wasn't there to give the kid a "hug".


That observation is enough to make me forgive the disturbing Wonder Years visual. But yeah, that's fantastic. Little League has its very own budding Albert Belle.

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